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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Clean Catholic Joke

Did I happen to mention that I am studying my life away? Yes, the Comp Exam is literally days away and the stress-worry nerves have kicked in. I've taken to studying in the farthest corner of the local Catholic college's library, where I sit amidst their ancient Augustinian collection--hoping that that dust from the book jackets, er, words of knowledge of one of my theological heroes--St. Augustine--will blow, um, flow into my study space and transform my brain from mush to mensa. (This is not the Catholic joke part.)

I am studying the assigned 9 areas of knowledge hand-selected for me by the Theology Chairperson for my exam. (Nope, not the joke part, either.) The subjects that are otherwise occupying my life are, in random order:

  • Church history from Christ 'till now, broken down by period, players and major events

  • three major works on bible exegesis

  • the collected works of the Apostolic Fathers

  • the Dark Night of the Soul and the Teresian grades of prayer

  • the four constitutions of Vatican II

  • Biblical theology and divine accomodation as it appears in the Bible, the Fathers, and contemporary theologians like Schonborn & Ratzinger (now BXVI)

  • the Nature of Love (a philosophy class: think Dietrich von Hildebrand, Karol Wojtyla)

  • the Universal Catechism of the Catholic Church

  • and eschatology... which is the study of the last things, in case you were interested.

And so, with what is left of my brain, I offer you this joke that I lifted from Happy Catholic, because it made me laugh, and because I thought I might use it as the conclusion for eschatology exam question... wonder what the professor will say!

Here's the joke!

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