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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just checking in!

You may recall I'm on a bit of a blog break due to the demands of school.

But I thought I'd break in to update you all on my progress toward my degree.

I am now officially D-O-N-E with all coursework, and down to my final 30 days of S-T-U-D-Y before I take my comprehensive exam -- the last hurdle standing between me and graduation on May 9th. I have actually order a cap and gown and hood. So its becoming "real".

So, once again, I ask for your prayers that I finish strong and with passing grades!!! I have a solid GPA, but I've never faced such a long and comprehensive exam on such a wide breadth of knowledge--even though the actual exam day questions will be restricted by the proctors to certain disciplines, I still have to prepare two and half times the material in order to be ready. (And pray for a fellow student, Chris, who is another "older" grad student like myself, taking the exam on April 12th too.)

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