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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Divine Mercy

The Divine Mercy is a devotion that has touched my life in many ways. This is being posted on Good Friday which is the "official" world-wide start day of the powerful Divine Mercy Novena (nine-day) prayer, which uses the Divine Mercy Chaplet, prayed on the beads of a rosary. It is prayed for the souls of everyone--including ourselves--that we may turn to Jesus, the Divine Mercy. The novena culminates in Mercy Sunday, the Sunday after Easter, one of the "newest" feast days in the history of the Church, instituted by our beloved Pope John Paul II, of happy memory.

(However, if you are reading this after Good Friday, don't let being "over-scrupulous" keep you from joining in with this wonderful prayer... for the Divine Mercy Chaplet is a prayer you can say ANYTIME! Pray it once, pray it nine days in a row as a novena, or pray it any day of the year that you heart is so moved. Don't get bogged down by "rules" or dates. The important thing is that you pray, that you converse with Jesus, our Savior and Lord, as you grow in intimate union with Him. He wants to bring all of into his Divine Mercy and Love!)

The most famous, short and simple Divine Mercy Prayer is : "Jesus, I trust in You!" (Pray this anytime, all day long!)

For the Divine Mercy Chaplet, go here.

For the Divine Mercy Novena, go here.

For the message and history of the Divine Mercy, go here. Or to order the red booklet shown above right, go here.
From my house to yours, a very Happy and Holy Easter!

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