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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Guilt-free Advent? Talk to me in two weeks...

One week into Advent already and you've not seen a single reference to Christmas yet at this blog. I guess I'm a little bit behind...

Here's to you very organized folks who already are wrapping presents and attending Christmas parties. I admire your determination, organization, and verve.

Me? Not even close to that. But I can't let the buzz all around me get me bugged by what I've have not "done" so far. You know what I mean... the endless list-making, shopping, cooking, wrapping, decorating, and doing the obligatory festivities that the onset of the Christmas season brings.

In fact, I haven't even started to make a list yet of all that needs to be done. There are some years that I have my act together and some years that I don't. This is one of those off years. Oh well, here's to those of us who love the season but still do not have any external evidence of it around our house.

So far this December, I have not baked a single Christmas cookie. Not because I don't like them or because I'm on Weight Watchers, but because I have no time to bake. The local neighborhood cookie swap will live without my sugar contribution this year. I'll bring an appetizer instead and toast all the dedicated bakers I meet there!

So far this December, I have not written out a single Christmas card yet. But the way I see it, we Catholics have weeks after Dec 25th to celebrate the season, so even if they don't get written before Christmas, I'll still be right on time.

So far this December, I only have two presents purchased so far. I'll get to it. But it might have to be a lightning-like blitz next week or the next since I've got finals and papers to write.

So far this December, there is not a single Christmas light up outdoors and the snow is already on the ground... well, I'll leave that to my husband and see what he decides... if its simpler than what we've done in years past, so be it.

December is not a must-do. But Advent is. So far this advent, we do have an advent wreath and we do pray every day. And for that, I'm glad. For now, that is enough. The rest will come in time.

Copyright 2007 Patricia W. Gohn

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