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Friday, October 05, 2007

Loving the Bride -- vol. 42

Something old....
The office of priests... shares the authority by which Christ builds up, sanctifies and rules his Body. Wherefore the priesthood... is conferred... by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, are signed with a special character and are conformed to Christ the Priest in such a way that they can act in the person of Christ the Head.

In the measure in which they participate in the office of the apostles, God gives priests a special grace to be ministers of Christ among the people. They perform the sacred duty of preaching the Gospel, so that the offering of the people can be made acceptable and sanctified by the Holy Spirit. Through the apostolic proclamation of the Gospel, the People of God are called together and assembled. All belonging to this people, since they have been sanctified by the Holy Spirit, can offer themselves as "a sacrifice, living, holy, pleasing to God" (Rom 12:1). Through the ministry of the priests, the spiritual sacrifice of the faithful is made perfect in union with the sacrifice of Christ. He is the only mediator who in the name of the whole Church is offered sacramentally in the Eucharist and in an unbloody manner until the Lord himself comes. The ministry of priests is directed to this goal and is perfected in it. Their ministry, which begins with the evangelical proclamation, derives its power and force from the sacrifice of Christ. Its aim is that "the entire commonwealth of the redeemed and the society of the saints be offered to God through the High Priest who offered himself also for us in his passion that we might be the body of so great a Head."

-----Pope Paul VI, from the Documents of the Second Vatican Council, DECREE ON THE MINISTRY AND LIFE OF PRIESTS PRESBYTERORUM ORDINIS (1965)

Something new....
I gotta run this again, from earlier this week, a great talk for priests by Archbishop Charles Chaput on "The Signs of Our Times."


Catholic pilgrims from Boston, lead by Cardinal Sean O'Malley meet with Orthodox leaders!

Something borrowed....

A anniversary celebration of 10 years of priesthood--for the young man who once was the altar server at our wedding, 25 years ago! Love you, Fr. Guy!
A few (dare I say 'cute'?) pictures of the pontiff... over at Young Fogeys.

Something blue....
Don't miss this! Here is a great video on Our Lady that explains, not only the four relevant dogmas Catholics believe about her, but also the Vox Populi movement to have a fifth and final dogma proclaimed about her maternal mediation as co-redemptrix (woman with the Redeemer), mediatrix (a mediator of grace) and advocate (one who intercedes continually for us). It is 60 minutes long. Give yourself time to take it in. It features Benedict XVI, John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Bishop John O'Connor, and varous theologians including Dr. Mark Miravalle and Dr. Scott Hahn.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!

Remember, October is the month of the Rosary. Oct 7th is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary! Pray, pray, pray!

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