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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


May you be truly full of thanksgiving...

I know I am. In a kinda streamofconsciousness sorta way...

For my hubby,

my kids,

my extended family in NY and NJ,

my God-children.

my community of friends in Massachusetts,

my neighborhood,

my parish,

the music ministry,

for education,

the schools my children attend,

and all their teachers,

our work,

our recreation,

our dog,

our home,

our cars,

our guitars,

our piano,

our favorite books,

our plants,

our fish,

oil in the burner,

gas in the tanks,

food in the pantry,

our porch,

our pool,

the Red Sox,

the Pats,

the kids' sports teams,

the warm clothes on our backs,

the memories of sweet vacations,

the changing New England seasons,


decent wine,

decadent desserts,


good beans to grind for my coffee,

all things New York (except its politics),

talk radio,

meaningful music,

a nearby parking space when it's raining,

finding money in a pocket,

a handwritten letter in the mail,

reading a good book,

an "A" in a class,

finishing a task,

breathing easier after a check-up,

for blog comments,


a compliment,

unexpected surprizes,

for fast shipping,

for free shipping,

dark chocolate,


ok, chocolate raspberry anything,

fires in the fireplace,

dinner on the grill,

birds at the feeder,

company on long drives,

flowers in my work space,

a clean room,

a down comforter,

losing a few pounds,

lifting someone's spirits,

walking outside,

for Advil, and allergy drugs,

for chiropractic care,

for doctors on call,

for quick recoveries,

for safe travel,

that my daughter's college applications are done,

for forgiveness and second chances,

for gifts given and those received,

for police and fire and EMS personnel who work on holidays,

for our faithful military,

for our constitutional freedoms,

for the chance to try again,

for answered prayers,

for Jesus, Mary, the saints, the Church, the Sacraments.

Copyright 2007 Patricia W. Gohn

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  • Well written, to slow us down to count our own blessings. well done --and chocolate raspberry anything is worthy of being counted more than twice!

    By Anonymous sherry, at 2:05 PM  

  • This is great! Thank you for sharing!

    By Blogger Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur, at 9:11 PM  

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