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Monday, June 04, 2007

Moi meme

I was tagged by Heidi for this meme. (Ever the conscientious editor, Heidi even explains memes if you don't know what one is.)

Here's mine. I'm not tagging anyone, (see # 5 below) but you're welcome to self-tag.

8 Facts or Habits about me....

  1. ONE: A cradle Catholic who went to Catholic school all her life (even two colleges!). Fell in love with Jesus as a teen, and well, this life is the rest of the story.

  2. TWO: This year (on Oct 23) marks my 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary with my main squeeze. When people meet us and do the math, they are amazed that we married at 22. Yes, I fear we are a dying breed. (Our kiddos are 19, 17, and 14.)

  3. THREE: I am really not a "morning person" but I am married to one. And, honestly, the demands of life require me to be a morning person... 'nuff said.

  4. FOUR: I have a deep baritone voice, which, for a woman, has not always been my most flattering feminine feature.... (ahem, telemarketers often call me Mr. Gohn...) except that my voice let me have a moderately successful radio career in my early years, and I really know how to harmonize when I'm singing with the music ministry. (I mention this because, if you've only known me as a writer, you probably have your own imaginary impression of my writer's voice, so now you know. Sorry to shatter any illusions.)

  5. FIVE: I am "head-down" (read: housework, writing, and social life are suffering) in my graduate theology studies right now (yes, even thru summer, waaah!) endeavoring to complete my degree next May 2008. (This is usually the reason for my infrequent posts.) Think of me locked in my home office or out on the back porch reading and thinking deep thoughts or writing a paper... I humbly ask for your prayers.

  6. SIX: Habits, huh? One bad habit (in some folks minds) : blasting the stereo when driving alone in the car, or when engaged in a housework marathon. (A definite throw-back to my radio days.)

  7. SEVEN: Good habit: the daily rosary.

  8. EIGHT: More factoids here.
Tag, you're it!

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  • Dear Pat: Thanks for being a good sport! 25 years ... Hmmm I'll be 60, he'll be 70. But then, at least our children will be grown and we can celebrate in a big way! Congratulations! Heidi

    By Anonymous Heidi Saxton, at 8:52 PM  

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