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Friday, May 18, 2007

Loving the Bride, vol. 26

Something old....

On the Ascension of Jesus into heaven....

Forty days after the Lord's resurrection--and this fortieth day is not without mystical meaning--having eaten with his disciples, the benign Master climbed the Mount of Olives; and while they looked on, he lifted up his hands and was borne into heaven, and a cloud engulfed him as he ascended, and he hid himself from the view of men.

And so ascending on high, he led captivity captive (Ps. 67:19, cf. Mich 2:13); and with the gates of heaven now open, he made a way for his followers and led the exiles into the kingdom. He made them fellow citizens with the angels and the members of God's household (Eph. 2:19). Thus he repaired the fall of the angels, increased the honor of his eternal Father, manifested himself in triumph and proved that he is the Lord of Hosts.

While the angels sang and the saints rejoiced, the God and Lord of angels and men ascended...

so that, seated at the right hand of Majesty, he might show to the glorious face of his Father the scars of the wounds he suffered for us.

-----St. Bonaventure, The Soul's Journey into God.

Something new....

Benedict XVI's new book is launched!


Recently, I told you about Catholic Exchange's DVD project: Champions of Faith. Let me reiterate, go buy it. I watched it this week and was moved by these grown men, professional baseball athletes, sharing their story of Catholic faith.

Something borrowed....

Boston's Cardinal, His Eminence, Sean O'Malley, recently traveled to Lourdes with the Order of Malta. Read his commentary and see great pictures on the Cardinal's blog.

The most delightful pictures of the joys of first communion, children's performing in costume for a theatrical performance, and the life of a homeschooling family are found here on Cottage Blessings. Thank you, Alice, for sharing them all with us through your delightful blog!

If you are a U2 fan, you might be interested in this interesting piece by Christopher West, who explores recent lyrics written by Bono, in light of "Theology of the Body."

Powerful story about foreign adoption and disabilities, here, courtesy of Feminine Genius.

Something blue.....

Okay, so here's a new angle... how Mary's influence in cyberspace is a form of mothering us mothers who, in the modern age, connect to each other via our internet surfing! (Special thanks to Dr. Virginia Kimball for the little plug of this blog, too!)

Here's a thoughtful reminder from Patrice's Spiritual Woman blog.

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