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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Reminders of why we have to push back the darkness...

Women bloggers can be great sources of information for one another. Just like a close pal would send me an email or phone up with something important to bring to my attention, I feel women who post useful information for their "girlfriends" (with apologies to any menfolk reading this post today) in cyberspace are just as helpful.

Today I bring posts from two other Catholic women, and they are not the happy, inspiring kind... they are the kind that bring about a righteous anger.

Read this great post about the latest suppress-your-period drug that might as well suggest that we women stop being who we are in all our fullness.

And why we are popping pills to deny our feminine gifts, why not take steps to weaken the next generation as well....? (Forgive my sarcasm.) More reasons why we should take a stand against this HPV vaccine that government bureaucrats what to foist on our daughters through mandated vaccines.

Let us not be put off, let us work to change the culture around us, as we strive to be lights that push back the darkness.

Let us pray.

HAIL! MARY! full of GRACE, the LORD is with you, BLESSED ARE YOU among WOMEN, and BLESSED is the FRUIT of your WOMB...

Copyright 2007 Patricia W. Gohn

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