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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Writer's Wednesday-- Luci Swindoll, John Keats

There is so much beauty around us, if we only take the time to notice it. You can make a conscious effort to look for the essence and therefore develop an appreciation for the beautiful things in your life. Your days will seem a lot less harried, I promise you. Beauty has a way of totally capturing our senses, making us forget the fact that the car stalled on the way to work this morning, that the kids spilled chocolate milk on the carpet, that the workload keeps piling up. For a few brief shining moments, nothing else seems to matter. And the wonderful thing about beauty is that we can store it in our minds to be played over and over again.

John Keats captured this idea of looking for the essence in his poem, "Endymion."


[Click on the poem's title to read the entire poem, a portion of which is listed below.]

A THING of beauty is a joy for ever:

Its loveliness increases; it will never

Pass into nothingness; but still will keep

A bower quiet for us, and a sleep

Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.

Therefore, on every morrow, are we wreathing

A flowery band to bind us to the earth,

Spite of despondence, of the inhuman dearth

Of noble natures, of the gloomy days,

Of all the unhealthy and o’er-darkened ways

Made for our searching: yes, in spite of all,

Some shape of beauty moves away the pall

From our dark spirits. Such the sun, the moon,

Trees old and young, sprouting a shady boon

For simple sheep; and such are daffodils

With the green world they live in; and clear rills

That for themselves a cooling covert make

’Gainst the hot season; the mid forest brake,

Rich with a sprinkling of fair musk-rose blooms:

And such too is the grandeur of the dooms

We have imagined for the mighty dead;

All lovely tales that we have heard or read:

An endless fountain of immortal drink,

Pouring unto us from the heaven’s brink.

Nor do we merely feel these essences

For one short hour; no, even as the trees

That whisper round a temple become soon

Dear as the temple’s self, so does the moon,

The passion poesy, glories infinite,

Haunt us till they become a cheering light

Unto our souls, and bound to us so fast,

That, whether there be shine, or gloom o’ercast,

They must always must be with us, or we die.

There is so much that we take for granted. Our eyes often pass right over beauty as we are caught up in the workaholic, get-ahead rat race of life. But if we LOOK, we are sure to find beauty...

----Luci Swindoll, You Bring the Confetti, God Brings the Joy. (This title is over 20 years old, and it still bring me such joy!)

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