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Friday, December 22, 2006

Loving the Bride, vol. 9

Something old...

Stop to think for a moment: “He who is the Power and Wisdom of God himself, and in whom all things visible and invisible were created, was, we are to believe, narrowly circumscribed with the limitation of that Man who once appeared in Judea—entered into the womb of a woman, was born a baby, crying as the newly born always cry…. The narrowness of human understanding is at a loss… and, overcome with amazement…

[Now consider] the mention of the cross [which] completes the mental checkmate. A God “born and crucified”!—it is “a sacredly terrifying mystery.” “Unto the Jews indeed a stumbling block, and unto the Gentiles, foolishness,” it was an obstacle from the start, and all who came to Christ were well aware of the startlingness of the paradox with which they had to come to grips. If we no longer experience the shock of the statement, may not the reason be that our faith has lost its cutting edge.

----Cardinal Henri de Lubac (1894-1991), from The Splendor of the Church, written in 1953.

Something new...

Vatican declare archeologists prove the existance of St. Paul's tomb in Rome. Dig here.

And some Amazing Grace for Fathers.

Something borrowed...

From American Papist, a delightful photo of Benedict XVI, worth a peek!

Something blue...

Now, I'm a music fan, but I never heard this... a song from Elvis singing about The Miracle of the Rosary. Thanks to Mark Shea's blog Catholic and Enjoying It.

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