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Friday, December 08, 2006

Loving the Bride, vol 7

Something old

O Manifest infirmity, O wondrous humility, in which all the greatness of God lay hidden! The mother to whom His infancy was subject, He ruled with His power; and to her at whose breasts He nursed, He gave the nourishment of truth.

May He Who did not shrink from making a beginning like ours, perfect in us His gifts. And may He also make us children of God, He who for our sakes wished to become a human child.

-----St. Augustine, Sermon 184, 3.

Something new

Got Sirius Radio? Check out the new Catholic Channel.

For the Pope, the trip to Turkey was a success.

Something borrowed

Good advent reading here and over at Fr. Guy's Shouts in the Piazza. (By the way, Fr. Guy is an old pal of mine from my years as a youth minister --back then he was the altar server at my wedding!) Our family loves Fr. Guy and we love his blog, especially his Vatican watching.

Something blue

Today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. If you are a Catholic, go to Mass today!

Here's a cool television programming note on the Blessed Mother-- It's called "Picturing Mary" and its a documentary on art depicting Mary from Ancient times to the present. Read about it here and check your local listings.

WBGH in Boston is showing it on the following dates and times:
Sunday, December 17, 7:00pm
Monday, December 18, 4:00am
Monday, December 18, 8:00pm
Monday, December 18, 11:00pm
so set those recording devices!

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