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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Casting more cares (aka cane is able)

A number of weeks ago I ran a post describing the inconvenience of the injury to my daughter's arm. On her cast I Sharpie-inscribed Cast all your anxieties on him, for he cares about you.-- 1 Peter 5:7. At the time I thought it was a cute pun to help her keep a heavenly perspective on what was ailing her. Little did I know that St. Peter's word would find a holy echo in my own life.

For just like my daughter struggled with the look and feel of the cast, I needed to come to terms with my need for a cane on some days. My degenerating hip needs support --especially when I am overly active, but I've been putting it off... until recently.

During one of my recent devotional moments, the Lord reminded me that, just like the cast, the cane is a temporary thing. This is only a season in my life until my hip gets repaired --but in the meanwhile, I just have to get over the stigma of something that draws attention to my infirmity and, well, literally, move on. I came to the Psalms and here's what I found (It seems St. Peter was merely an echo an earlier prophetic voice) :

Cast your cares upon the Lord,
who will give you support.
God will never allow
the righteous one to stumble.
--Ps. 55:23.

I was so convicted, I laughed out loud. It was definitely one of the every-hair-on-your-head-is-counted moments.

So, now I walk with cane support when I need to... most short jaunts are cane-free, but longer ones like a shopping trip, or a day when I'm standing for long periods, yup, I need it. So I won't stumble. But more importantly, I pray that I remember that verse. Maybe I'll get it inscribed on my fashionable cane! So I won't stumble around spiritually --forgetting all the benefits of the Lord!

With God, I have a helper. He upholds my life. I must take care of myself and the precious life I have, conscious that God is taking care of me!

(He is so faithful even when we are forgetful.)

Copyright 2006 Patricia W. Gohn

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