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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Things I'm not doing yet...

My advent, besides the customary prayer and Mass attendance, is usually packed with a "to do" list that usually starts to form after Thanksgiving. After all, I'm The Mom, and chief planner and architect of all Christmas activities.

We do have an advent wreath and we are praying around the table... and I guess that's all we need right now, right?

This year, for many good reasons which are too long to list (like you and I need to read another list?) , I am very much behind. In fact, if my husband and son had not put up our lights and outdoor Christmas creche, there would be nothing done yet. So, on the outside, the home looks good. On the inside, well, things are piling up that need tending to and I'm starting to feel the stress. The need for multiple cups of coffee each day is usually the first sign.

What have I been doing instead? Research. Like a thousand pages of reading material--no lie, the prof makes us submit a reading log--for a term paper. Fortunately, the topic is within the realm of theology, so I am pretending that I'm on retreat -- away from EVERYTHING while I crank this paper out and prepare for a final exam. (Note to self: ignore that ticking sound on the wall.)

And so, this is my plan: stay on retreat until the Third Sunday of Advent, then get moving. Gaudete Sunday is joy Sunday! I hate to putting my life on hold, but sometimes you just gotta keep your head down and plow on. (When I was in college I used to do all my shopping and preparing the week before Christmas, so why not now? I'm IN college, after all?)

Wish me luck.

I think the first item on my list, whenever I get it made, is D-E-L-E-G-A-T-E!

Copyright 2006 Patricia W. Gohn

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