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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Got Books?

Okay, I am a book-a-holic. I buy books. I read books. I am a highlighter-notes-in-the-margin kind of reader. Mind you, the genre of books that I tend to read most these last few years are in the non-fiction/Catholic/spirituality/theology category. I read them and I buy them. My current "to be read shelf" has about 50 volumes awaiting my attention. While I have yet to write a book myself (aside from the research and reflection papers that I write for school and the articles I write for publication), chances are, if you are in my family or circle of friends, I have given you a book or two as gifts or opened up my library for loan.

But enough about me. This is about books, and specifically, Books About Catholic Life And Belief. And the need to support the Catholic booksellers out there.

Sophia Press Institute has some great books! Click here and buy a few on-line today.

Honestly, I'm giving them a plug today because they are needed in the marketplace of ideas and they are trying to keep the doors open. I'm sure you might be able to find a title or two to interest you. Check them out and find a book to read or give away today.

Here's what I just bought and adding to my "to be read" stack:
  • Temperament God Gave You, by Art Bennett (self-help/spirituality)
  • The Art of Loving God, by St. Francis De Sales (spirituality)
  • The Church on Earth, by Ronald A. Knox (church history)

Just remember, the titles this bookseller carries may forever go away if they go out of business. Don't miss a chance to be blest by a good book, and to be a blessing to the authors, publishers and distributors of Catholic works!

Copyright 2007 Patricia W. Gohn

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