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Friday, August 31, 2007

Loving the Bride, vol. 37

Something old.... A prayer before communion.
I stand before the gates of thy Temple, and yet I refrain not from my evil thoughts. But do thou, O Christ my God, who didst justify the publican, and hadst mercy on the Canaanite woman, and opened the gates of Paradise to the thief; open unto me the compassion of thy love toward mankind, and receive me as I approach and touch thee, like the sinful woman and the woman with the issue of blood; for the one, by embracing thy feet received the forgiveness of her sins, and the other by but touching the hem of thy garment was healed. And I, most sinful, dare to partake of thy whole Body. Let me not be consumed but receive me as thou didst receive them, and enlighten the perceptions of my soul, consuming the accusations of my sins; through the intercessions of Her that without stain gave Thee birth, and of the heavenly Powers; for thou art blessed unto ages of ages. Amen.
-----St. John of Damascus, 8th century.

Something new.... Think you've got darkness and doubts in your spiritual life? You've got good company. Recent reports about Mother Teresa (now Blessed Teresa of Calcutta) dealt with the same for much of her life. Great summary article here from Fr. Jim Martin in the NY TIMES. PS: a timely follow-up read to the Mother Teresa article would be from another "Fr. Jim", an older post from Dappled Things about "not feeling spiritual."


Great giveaway of bible study materials for 30 lucky winners going on over at Catholicmom.com! Check it out! Also, Lisa's Catholic Mom Moments blog talks about another giveaway from LIFETEEN's Mark Hart!

Something borrowed.... I am a miracle of God. And so are you.

Something blue.... The Cardinal who leads our Archdiocese of Boston has a blog. His Emminence Sean O'Malley recently visited Fatima, Portugal. (I've had the blessing of visiting there twice--in 1998 and 2002.) If you've ever wanted to have a mini-pilgrimmage there through the eyes of another's photographs, go to Cardinal Sean's blog now!

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