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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Writer's Wednesday (on Thursday) - Pope John Paul II

(Of course, being a writer was just one aspect of Pope John Paul's saintly life, but I was struck by the simplicity and enormity of this prayer all at the same time.)

(And yes, I'm a day behind blog-wise as I've been out driving on a 1000-mile journey out of town retrieving my son from college. I'm studying for a final that I'm preparing for on Monday, so it'll be a few days before I return, so let us pray together, with and for one another, until next week...)


Immaculate Conception, Mary, my Mother.
Live in me. Act in me. Speak in and through me.
Think your thoughts in my mind. Love, through my heart.
Give me your dispositions and feelings.
Teach, lead and guide me to Jesus.
Correct, enlighten and expand my thoughts and behavior.
Possess my soul. Take over my entire personality and life.
Replace it with yourself.
Incline me to constant adoration and thanksgiving.
Pray in me and through me.
Let me live in you and keep me in this union always.

----– Pope John Paul II

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