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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Life between the blogs

So when I'm not here, I can be found studying, or driving a child somewhere. Now and again, housework and laundry get done too. Some days I check out other people's blogs, and so I thought I'd share a few of my bookmarked blogs for you to check out yourself.

Since I contribute to Catholic Mom, I always check out what Lisa has to say over at Catholic Mom Moments.

I recommend Lisa's Catholic.Mom.com site for a host of reasons, but you should find that out for yourself.

Other well respected writers who also happen to be blogging Catholic moms:
  1. Amy Welborn's Open Book. Kinda newsy, kinda topical, fiercely Catholic.
  2. Danielle Bean's Danielle Daily. A perfect blog for Catholic stay-at-home moms.

Happy Catholic is worth a look. Always refreshing, a bit newsy.

I'm a former broadcaster from another life and so I revel in Barbara Nicolosi's take on the media over at Church of the Masses.

A new blog that came online a few months ago is from the Fr. Guy Sylvester, who, if you can believe it, was the altar server at my wedding back in '82, and one of my favorite kids at youth group. He's now a parish priest in New Jersey and a Vatican watcher, so I like to see what he has to say over at Shouts in the Piazza. He and I share a great love for our pontiff.

There are many directories for more Catholic Blogs, but one I can recommend is here.

Finally, just for laughs go to Savage Chickens. This guy fits more commentary on a post-it note than I can fit in a post, even a well-written one. Note: not necessarily Catholic content, but you'll enjoy the giggle. Thanks to Happy Catholic for promoting it this week!

Copyright 2006 Patricia W. Gohn

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