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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

love/hate Email

Like my fickle hormones, my email inbox can bring out the love and hate in me...

I love it when a friend drops a thoughtful note.
I hate it when I get spam.

I laugh out loud at the jokes I could never memorize well enough to tell out loud, so I forward them! And I despise a chain letter promising something good will happen--but only if I forward it to my entire address list.

I love it when I'm long distance or in the wrong time zone but can still send a greeting and not wake the person up. I can't stand it when I barely have time to open or sort "the mail."

I love receiving pictures of loved ones and best pals. I hate it that large attachments sometimes choke the life out of my system bringing it to its knees.

I love that I can send little notes to our children's email addresses. I hate that I have no idea what our children are sending and receiving from others.

My entire life I've enjoyed buying stationery and sending handwritten missives. I grew up having penpals from the second grade and all through my life. Now my handwriting has deteriorated and my eyesight is failing to the point that I am grateful for beautiful fonts and large type!

I never thought this email thing, (and all things cyber) would ever catch on with me. Now, I think I'd miss it.

And still there are days when I don't.

Copyright 2006 Patricia W. Gohn

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