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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Strike Outs

Baseball season is here. And I can't help saying a few words on one of my favorite phrases in baseball lingo: the strike out!

Depending on which side of the plate you are on, "strike out" can have different meanings.

For the pitcher, a strike out is good. For the batter, it's bad. Either way, it's all about responding to the ball that is pitched -- and the finesse both pitcher and batter use to accomplish either a strike out or a strike out.

Ahh, but there's a greater mystery...

Jesus was the ultimate strike out, from the world's point of view-- some Messiah! Even his best pals betrayed and deserted him in the end! Yeah, Satan was in the stands whooping it up.

But the truth was otherwise.

Jesus was the final inside pitch the Father used to strike out Death and Sin, humiliating the Devil's team.

Go TEAM!!!!

Copyright 2006 Patricia W. Gohn

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