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Thursday, April 06, 2006

5 Smooth Stones

These days, I keep five smooth stones on the window ledge above my kitchen sink. The kitchen sink is often my contemplation spot, as I seem to stand there so often! I keep inspiration near the sink in the form of prayers, photos, cards and of course, the stones.

I picked up these five stones on the shoreline of Long Island Sound. Its amazing how uniform little white rocks look, yet when you hold them in your hand, they are still all different. They each represent something I am working on.

1 Samuel 17. David, the man after God's own heart, who one day would be King, sets out to face down a giant Philistine. He leaves behind the personal armor given to him by King Saul. Goes down to the river. Chooses 5 smooth stones, and puts them in his pocket next to his slingshot.

It doesn't seem possible that one well-placed stone could fell a giant, but it did.

And as I meditated on David's success, I also remember him recounting how he would protect the sheep using that same slingshot. It was practice. David took time to practice in order to aim accurately and hit his mark. His discipline paid off when the time was right.

My 5 small stones to remind me to practice, to have self-discipline in 5 areas that the Lord wants me to work on. Those smooth stones remind me that God wants me to overcome some giants in my life.

Discipline. Has the same root as "disciple."

That's what I'm aiming for.

For inspiration, read about David in the Book of Samuel. For some musical inspiration, read over the lyrics from the song The Voice of Truth from Casting Crowns. It talks about overcoming obstacles, like David did.

Copyright 2006 Patricia W. Gohn

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  • That is a really neat analogy. Almost like a parable. Have a blessed palm weekend. I have a collection of sea shells I like to look at.
    EAt fish, Ely

    By Blogger ELY, at 12:55 PM  

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