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Friday, August 15, 2008

In Honor of "Mom"

"Momma Mary," as she is affectionately known within my Catholic circle of friends, is celebrated today with the wonderful feast of The Assumption.

Nothing I can write could improve on what the Church has already written and proclaimed about our Blessed Mother. So I won't try. But if you need a little more inspiration about her, go back and read this post capturing the thought of John Paul II.

But let me offer this tiny thought about "Mom's" holy influence: I really didn't "get" motherhood and its eternal ramifications until two things happened in my life:

1. I became a mother myself. And,

2. I got to know, and later, consecrated myself to the Blessed Mother.

As far as I know, its all about the LOVE, baby. And as I watched this short video, I heard my own motherly heart saying, I really love my family. And I heard the echo of Momma Mary--on this her day--saying to you, me, and the Church and world at large: I really love my family.

Mary's Assumption into heaven means we have a mother's heart waiting for us there; she is showing us the way home.

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