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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hip Trip: In search of a good leg to stand on, Part 5

I am on Day 21 of recovery.

I'm not spending much time online these days but I'd thought I'd update you on my progress. I came home from the hospital over two weeks ago.

I have several post-op precautions. They are in place to keep my hip in place:
--50% (or partial) weight-bearing on my right leg. I can stand up, but I must use crutches to take a step.
--no crossing of the legs, or letting the legs align close--as in knees or ankles touching.
--no pigeon toes or toeing-in.
--no breaking less than a 90-degree angle at the hip as I sit or move. So I'm either L-shape or standing or laying down. No bending over to tie a shoelace or crouching down to pick something up.

Things that are annoying, but I'm overcoming: having to sit like a guy... feeling awake and energetic one moment, and feeling the wave of a nap overtaking me the next... using the potty without leaning forward... learning to dress myself using various occupational tools and aids to assist the process (i.e. getting my socks on while not breaking the rules of my precautions!)

Re-entry home from the hospital was most welcomed for me. I had enough of the round-the-clock maintenance. But I'm not sure my teens fully realized that their chore-load would really shift... even though we've discussed this for months... suffice to say after three days home, my hubby and I instituted a chore-list and an on-call rotation for my generously cooperative offspring.

The first week home was pretty quiet. I needed time to sleep! The second week home was more active and I moved between floors better. I'm into week three and now fully weaned off narcotic-type pain meds and grateful for a clearer head and reduced swelling that is letting me fit into more normal attire..

In these past 21 days, I've been surprised that I really am content to be in my own home and quite happy to not be out on the road.

I've also been visited at home by a small parade of nurses and a wonderful physical therapist and occupational therapist. They keep me moving! (And encouraged that I am progressing "normally"--whatever that is!)

I do my PT for almost an hour a day, everyday, and will progress to the "heavy lifting" out-patient PT when the crutches go bye-bye.

Oh yes, I am still on crutches and will be until around mid-August when and if my 6-week check-up determines that I can go off them.

Besides moving as I can, I also pray every day and read every day and do other brain-stretching activities. Trying limit time watching video.

I am enjoying my occasional recreational visits from friends and associates, and watching my children cook dinner!

My biggest milestone to date: going in the car this weekend and attending Mass.

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