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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hip Trip: In search of a good leg to stand on, Part 1

It started to become noticeable in 2002 with a twinge on the "incline" setting on the treadmill. It continued with pain going down stairs... as if my leg was coming out of the hip socket. Then it affected my going up stairs. It shortened my stride, reducing my brisk walk to a stroll. It kept me out of pantyhose and kept me from crossing my legs in lady-like fashion. It delivered me from high heels. Along the way, I gave up a gym membership, cross country skiing, tennis, camping, and long walks on the beach. At times, it made me irritable and depressed. It drove me to Weight Watchers as my weight keep going up because my life became more sedentary. I kept a cane handy for the more physically challenging events in my life.

After three medical evaluations in six years, and three injuries to other body parts caused by this pain, I booked the appointment for a total hip joint replacement at the ripe old age of 48.

I am diagnosed with bi-lateral congenital hip dysplasia. That means, yes, BOTH of my hips are ill-formed. I was born this way. More on that when I have a more lucid opportunity to write about it, for narcotics do not bring out the best in my writing.

Today is Day 7 post-op. Pain medication remains my most dominant need. And prayers. I'll take them if you've got 'em.

I am grateful to God for bringing me safe thus far... and for good doctors and reputable hospitals, for health insurance and for prescription drugs, and for my loving, coping, family.

You'll have to excuse me, my cell phone is ringing. (It's my alarm for my pain medication cycle.) I need to take that call.

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  • What a great article....I will say a decade of the Rosary for you...you will be fine. I am a 65 year old (yes, medicare started) grandmother, etc. who has a R hip that clicks, aka probably kinda dislocates, when I swim....but as a nurse, I am in denial....keep writing and loving your family....and keep your sense of humor...

    By Blogger Dean Baldwin, at 9:43 AM  

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