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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Promoting good things in and around Boston

Attention Boston Area Catholics!
Here are a few good things going on right in our backyard here in the Archdiocese of Boston!

First, Cardinal Sean has initiated a weekly email out to all interested members of the Archdiocese... it literally takes one minute to sign up for it here.

Second, mark your calendar for July 25th for a great day for your spiritual renewal called "Catholic Boot Camp" featuring Patrick Madrid and other speakers! It is sponsored in part by the good folks at Catholic Quest, so check it out here.

Third, I just caught a great episode of Real Faith TV (a Catholic show for youth) on Catholic TV featuring singer-songwriter Matt Maher. Check out Real Faith TV on Catholic TV online or on your local cable channel: Saturday at 4:30 PM, Sunday at 9:00 PM, Monday at 3:30 PM, Wednesday at 3:30 PM, Thursday at 5:30 PM.

Finally, check out the details here for Magnificat's "Pilgrimage of Hope" coming to Boston in October!

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