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Monday, October 30, 2006

Cast all your cares

Cast all your anxieties on him, for he cares about you.-- 1 Peter 5:7.

I've just inscribed that verse on the new cast my daughter is wearing on her left wrist. She has an unfortunate case of severe tendonitis and an inflamed wrist joint. Such are the perils of competitive Varsity volleyball in the life of a 16 year-old. This misfortune occurs just as the regular season ends and the state divisional tournament begins. In her mind, it is exactly the wrong timing for her and her team. Fortunately, her coach and teammates were understanding about it, but it's still a major bummer. What's worse, her induction ceremony for the National Honor Society, and her Junior Ring Day--super special events scheduled in the next few weeks--will now be accompanied by a major fashion accessory faux pas--a clunky blue cast from the knuckles to the elbow.

Pain, ice, x-rays, ibuprofen, splints, and doctor visits all confirmed what we already knew: my daughter's volleyball season is suddenly over. She is thrust into a new season: one of healing and recovery.

How often are our own lives like that? One moment things are going great, and the next moment, there's an accident, a death, a lab report, a phone call, or a turn of events that changes everything and we are thrust into a season of the unexpected?

What do we do? Where can we go for help? To The Source. The Him in whom we Cast all our anxieties upon. He is The One who knows us more intimately than we even dare to know ourselves. The Lord of all, the Keeper of our Souls, and the Healer of Hearts and the Mender of all that is broken.

Copyright 2006 Patricia W. Gohn

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  • I hope she feels better soon! Love and prayers, Lisa

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:02 PM  

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