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Friday, October 06, 2006

Rosie and Madonna are mocking Catholics! Let's send our own message--loud and clear!

I'm a 46 year old hormonal woman. Even on a good day, you don't wanna mess with my loved ones, my pope, or my faith. But I cannot stand by and watch the anti-Catholic and anti-Christian bias in today's media go by without comment.

I spent a decade or so in radio broadcasting before the years of federal deregulation and the relaxation of the decency rules of the FCC. (Remember when there was a George Carlin comedy routine about "the seven dirty words you couldn't say on TV"? Yeah, that's what I mean.) Today, any person can say almost anything in front of a microphone or camera and get away with it. (i.e. the crude language and perverse antics of the original shock-jock Howard Stern is a good example.) Regardless of whether or not it defames someone else, or demeans someone's faith. There once was taboos regarding the oversexualizing the media--for the sake of our children, etc. There was respect for opposing viewpoints, so that there could be dialogue on issues that affected the common good. Now, we are lost in polemics.

Now, its a game of who can lob the bigger grenade--creating the biggest sensation of the moment. We've had two such grenades launched into the laps of Catholics (uh, maybe because the lapse of Catholics makes us easy targets?) in recent days that I cannot ignore.

Let's start with Rosie O'Donnell, the newest member of the panel on The View. This week on the show, Rosie spews incorrect information regarding the Pope --accusing him of perpetuating the Catholic sex scandal, when Pope Benedict XVI--then Cardinal Ratzinger-- did much to clean up the mess of the scandal. The Catholic League is a very reputable organization that deserves our support as they defend the Pope in the face of this smear job. Read their recap of the scenario and defense of BXVI here. Feel free to send an email to Bill Geddie who co-produces the show with Barbara Walters, requesting a broadcast apology for smearing the pope. You can reach Bill Geddie at bill.geddie@abc.com.

In a similar vein, Madonna's mocking of the crucifixion of Christ is still set to air on NBC. No doubt you've already heard this scuttlebutt on the news programs. The American Family Association, is currently showing a video clip of this crucifixion segment on their website. Recall the AFA is a Christian organization with 20+ years of being a media watchdog exposing media bias. The AFA is calling for support of a petition campaign to dissuade NBC from showing Madonna's concert presentation. I couldn't agree more.

Get involved and let your voice be heard.

Copyright 2006 Patricia W. Gohn

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