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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Same week, different year

Ok, its the first real week of school around here (even though my highschooler and middle schooler had a few days of school last week.) I've been here before. I have had kids starting school each September since 1991. But I recognize the symptoms in the same way I feel a flu coming on... all I want to do is put my head down 'cause its starting to swim. It's usually right about now that I realize that I have not fully transitioned out of summer and a million things are piling up. And its starting to make me sweat.

A trillion little forms to fill out, school supplies and uniforms need tending, letters to teachers need to be written, and yes I did volunteer to take that project on, through in extra "new year" meetings, more practices, a new carpool, and oh yeah, the house still needs to be cleaned and the frig is beckoning to be filled. My hamper and my calendar overfloweth.

Two weeks ago I was confident that I was "ready" for all the demands of family, school and my own commitments. Two weeks into it and I'm not so sure. Can we really be on Day 4 of the school year and I'm already a week behind in my chores, my work, and my studies?

You may think I'm complaining. I'm not. I'm truly grateful to have a full life. I'm learning more than ever that I have limitations and that means I have to lean more into Christ. The more I lean on him, the less I panic about all that must be done. I am happy to recognize that He is Lord of my calendar, my schedule and everything it holds.

But even so, at least once a day, there is a surprise to my schedule that requires patience and trust that all things live and more and have their being in Him. Today it was being late to an appointment due to missing car keys, two construction detours and a dead cell phone battery. Yesterday it was misreading the cooking time on a recipe that resulted in the delay of dinner by an hour. The day before it was a series of unscheduled errands that demanded a reworking of my car usage, since one car has been in the shop since last week for a major repair that was last week's thrill.

We must be flexible and adjust... and find the cheer in the mundane, and ways to maintain a humble bearing despite things going crazy around us, or worse, in our minds.

All things are in God's hands. I am finite. He is infinite. I am late. He is always right on time. I am overburdened. He is the burden-lifter. I am a wimp. He is my hero.

Yup, I've been here before. The "new" year awaits. I salute all moms and dads and our new year of school with our children. Let the games begin. We're all in this together. See you in the stands, on the field, at the meeting, in the school pick-up line, at the drive-thru, at the bus stop, and in the pew.

Copyright 2006 Patricia W. Gohn

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