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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Back, but not quite settled in yet

I have returned home from college...

...to a husband who is grateful and picked up a bouquet of flowers

...to a dog that charged out the front door, back hairs up, and didn't recognize me until he stopped barking long enough to figure it out--then I was sufficiently dampened by dog licks

...to three teens (one actually gave me a spontaneous hug!) but whom I surmise don't do household chores unless there is threat of bodily harm, or so I figure

...to weeds in my gardens

...to someone else's styrofoam coffee cup in my car

...to great girlfriends who threw me a lifeline during my "re-entry" and asked me out to dinner just to catch up

...to piles of unread newspapers that cannot walk themselves to the recycling bin

...to an empty refrigerator (but fortunately to a husband who wisely took it upon himself to clear out the "old food.")

...to the planning lists for my son's graduation party this weekend

...but first, let me get my shoe unstuck from this gunk on the kitchen floor.

Good grief!

Oh yes, it is good to be back.

Copyright 2006 Patricia W. Gohn

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