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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Vini, Vidi, DaVinci

Conquering the mass media's portrayal of the life and times of Jesus in the novel and forthcoming movie The DaVinci Code will be an important work in our culture. In short, it gives the Catholic Church and people in the pew, like myself, an opportunity to practice apologetics.

Many Catholics, among others, have read the book and are excited for the film version. If you want to read the book, read it. If you see the movie, fine. But don't take it for a documentary uncovering the Truth about Christ and His Church.

I've had many conversations with others about this topic, the only thing I want to say is: remember that this book is FICTION. Some people treat this as a historical novel. It's not historical at all when it comes to the accurate teachings of the Catholic faith. Alas, many Catholics who are not properly catechized are led astray by some of the book's claims. And people unfamiliar with Catholicism in general take the book's message as one that instructs them about the Faith. Again, it's FICTION.

And again, the time is coming for us to be willing to share the Truth with others. There will be alot of buzz about it when the movie comes out in a few weeks. If you want to be an informed Catholic, there are a few good resources to help.

The US Bishops have created a very good website that you should be aware called Jesus Decoded.

Catholic Exchange is also offering a book and a free study guide.

Check them out.

Read and be informed.

Copyright 2006 Patricia W. Gohn

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