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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Not Silent on the Subject, Just Been Praying

There have been a great many eloquent voices in the pro-life movement who have already weighed in on the the tragic death of George Tiller, the abortion provider, who was gunned down while he attended a church service this past week. 

Allow me to add my voice to theirs: in NO WAY is the heinous murder of Dr. Tiller justified. Period. May we all pray for this man and for his family. We pray also for the gunman facing charges. By praying for these men, we do not justify their causes, we just commit them to God.

That being said, while I have been praying, and asking the Lord what I can do/say in the midst of this, I came to three things: for the moment, I can write, I can speak, and I can link.  These are what I normally do. 

And so I am writing. At least my random thoughts, such that they are.

At times like this, all I can offer is my own witness: I am a mother of three children. I believe in the sanctity of life from the womb to the tomb. I do not believe in contraception and I do not believe in abortion as an option to escape from an unwanted pregnancy. I have worked as a Birthright volunteer. I've met the heroic women of all ages who have decided to give birth to their babies. Some were raised by their mothers, some were adopted.  Either decision requires heroic virtue on the part of the mother.

I have seen the witness of those who have gone before me. My mother gave birth to me despite a very tumultuous birth experience, and it is only by the grace of God that I survived it. Fortunately, in time, she also gave birth to my two sisters. I'm sure she cried bitter tears over the five miscarriages she and my father suffered through. 

Finally, if you are reading this post, it is because your mother gave birth to you. I am typing this post because my mother gave birth to me. Neither one of us is a mistake. God had a plan for us to come into this world, and that plan exists still for all the babies who are in all the wombs of the women around the world. Yes, even the "unwanted" ones. Babies, and women, that is.

And I am "speaking"... the next Among Women podcast, episode 11, will have a few more thoughts on the subject, and I pray for the grace to do just that.

And finally, I can link...

To find Church Teaching regarding abortion, go here.

To answer pro-abortion rhetoric, go here.

Three simple things you can do are here.

If you have lost a child due to abortion, miscarriage, or still birth, go here.

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