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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Writer's Wednesday - Edward P. Sri

A young Protestant man... while flipping through the television stations, came across a strange sight on his TV screen: a Catholic priest talking about the Mass.  Struck by the oddity of finding this on television, the young man decided to stop and listen to what the priest had to say. In those few moments his life began to change.

The next morning, he rushed into the office to find a coworker whom he knew to be Catholic. Awestruck by what the priest on TV had said about the Eucharist, the young Protestant needed to share his excitement with somebody who might understand. So with great enthusiasm he told his Catholic friend all he had learned about the Mass.

"I had no idea you Catholics believe Jesus is really present in the Eucharist!"

The Catholic responded, "Yeah, we do."

"That's amazing! So when there's a Mass, you Catholics believe God really becomes present on the altar, that the bread and wine really become Jesus' body and blood, and that you actually receive Him in Communion?"

"Yeah... I think that sounds right."

"So how often does this happen? Once a year? Easter? Christmas?"

The Catholic answered matter-of-factly, "Actually, I think there are Masses every day of the week at most churches, but we only have to go once a week, on Sunday."

"Have to go? What do you mean have to go? If I were Catholic, I'd want to go and receive as I often as I could!!!"

-----Edward P. Sri, "The Heart of the Home: Eucharist and the Bible, Catholic For a Reason

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