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Friday, May 29, 2009

Among Women podcast is nominated for 5 Catholic New Media Awards!

AMONG WOMEN: Nominee, Best New Podcast
AMONG WOMEN: Nominee, Best Podcast by a Woman
AMONG WOMEN: Nominee, Best Produced Podcast
AMONG WOMEN: Nominee, Most Spiritual
AMONG WOMEN: Nominee, People's Choice

Okay, so like, now I'm... very much humbled. I thought the little-podcast-that-could had a shot in the New Podcast category... just cuz we are like one of the newest of the newbies on the Catholic Podcasting block, and there are not that many in that category this year, save the lovable Faith and Family Live gals and the wonderful Carmelites. Oh yeah, it's like an honor just to be in their company! 

But hey -- who knew? Me thinks we's filling a niche.

So this is really just a Big Fat Smoochy Kiss and Hug out to all the listeners and subscribers out there -- thanks to you for all your loving support.  And to all who nominated AW, whoever you are, bless your hearts! 

Check out all the nominees here.

And, by all means, cast your votes during June here.

Let's lift up Jesus and bring honor to his mother and ours -- Mary!  And pray a rosary together while we're at it!

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