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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Writer's Wednesday - Anthony DeStefano

Christians, especially, know that the funeral is not the end of the story. We know we are meant for eternity. Therefore, we know we possess an inherent value and dignity just by being human. And since our fellow human beings have the same value and the same dignity -- whatever their situation or physical condition -- we have an obligation to care for them and treat them as brothers and sisters. Moreover, when we see injustices being committed against them, we have the responsibility to interceded on their behalf.

In addition to all this, people who believe in heaven know that what we do in this life affects the next. Someday -- maybe sooner than we think -- we are going to be asked to give an accounting of ourselves -- how we lived, what things were important to us, how generous we were, how frequently we obeyed or disobeyed God. In a word, we are going to be judged.

True believers, therefore, are intensely interested in this life. They may not always live up to their beliefs, but you can be sure that they won't be sitting around doing nothing, waiting for God to bring them to heaven. They will be as active and energetic as they can be in this world.

---Anthony DeStefano, A Travel Guide to Heaven.

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