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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Writer's Wednesday - Julian of Norwich

whooops! missed posting this yesterday...

Mercy is a compassionate quality. It belongs to motherhood in tender love.  Grace is worthy of praise, too, because it is a quality that belongs to God's magnificent power in the same love.  Mercy protects, endures, energizes, and heals, and is every tenderness of love.  Grace is mercy's helper.  It raises, rewards, and always exceeds what our love and labor deserve.

Grace is evidence of God's amazing abundance, and we see through it that this divine generosity emanates from God's kingly authority and wonderful kindnesses. Grace comes from this abundant, unending consolation.  Grace alters our shameful falling into a  high, honorable rising, and grace transforms our sorrowful dying into holy, joyful living.

---Julian of Norwich, Revelations.  

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