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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness

It's breast cancer awareness month.

I'm afraid I'm much too aware. I've just returned from my own annual mammogram and check up--which is always a bittersweet returning to the scene of the crime when you are a 12 year veteran b.c. survivor like I am. I'm also in the throes of trying to sort out my own feelings of being survivor who is trying to stand alongside her mother who is a 7 year survivor, but who recently heard the words we all dread: reoccurance.

Still we stand. Still we fight. Still we pray. And we ask for your help and prayers. Not just this month, but every day.

I'm no celebrity. I have very little name recognition outside of a few Catholic writing circles. But I have to admire any woman, no matter her creed, who has taken the time to stand and shout and fight this dreaded disease that tears at our hearts, our humanity, and our femininity. A few of the famous faces are here. They valiantly take this fight to the streets of the world.
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