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Friday, September 05, 2008

The blessing counter -- or keeping my tank full

Every now and then I stop and make a list of my blessings... it is the sure cure for crabbiness and shortsightedness in my life.

At the moment I am thinking that if I could count my blessings as fast as the counter spun around at the fuel pump these days, I'd be on the way to keeping my spiritual tank full every day! Here is my stream of consciousness list of gratitude producers... in random order as they occur to me...

1. Hubby comes home tonight from a business trip.

2. Daughter is making a good transition into the first full week of "college" coursework.

3. This is my first September in the last five that I do not have to return to school myself--I graduated with my Masters this past May.

4. I am shopping for a new computer.

5. I found the money for the new computer in a serendipitous way--squirreled away in an old savings account!

6. I am enjoying a tasty beverage, (to quote David Letterman.)

7. My house is quiet and all is well.

8. The night is calm.

9. I am working on a few new writing projects.

10. I am reading two good books on the craft of writing.

11. I am listening to a Bible Study as I commute to/from school each day with my son.

12. The GOP has found its conservative voice in VP-nominee Sarah Palin.

13. There are clean clothes drying in the dryer.

14. There is fresh food in the frig.

15. The dog's diarrhea cleared up.

16. We have plans to visit with friends this weekend.

17. There are roses in the vase in my room.

18. There is fresh paint in my bathroom.

19. I went to adoration today.

2o. There is an adoration chapel open 7 days a week at my church.

21. I found a local church near my son's school that has Mass at 8am, right after I drop him off!

22. I went to out to dinner last night.

23. I only had to bake a pizza for dinner tonight--it was supper for two.

24. There are M&Ms in a bowl on the counter.

25. I have a haircut appointment scheduled.

26. I finished my resume and I'm shopping it around.

27. I am in the "happy hormone" part of my cycle.

30. This past week I reached 12 years cancer-free.

31. This coming week I reach 10 weeks post-op for my hip replacement.

32. I am walking without a cane.

33. I no longer live on pain medications.

34. My physical therapy is hard, but needed.

35. I am going back to Weight Watchers. (pray for me.)

36. I am finding my back-to-school groove/schedule/rhythm.

37. I am missing my daughter (refer to #2), but learning to let go. It helps that she is so happy and well adjusted.

38. A TV program made me smile.

39. The hurricane coming up north here has been downgraded to tropical storm.

40. My insurance agent showed me how to lower our premiums significantly.

41. The parish has a picnic coming up.

42. The new season starts soon for our music ministry.

43. Haagen Daz chocolate.

44. My coffee pot has a "delay" so I can fill it tonight and wake to a fresh pot in the morning.

45. and there is half-n-half in the frig.

46. I did something today that helped clear the air of something I was feeling guilty about.

47. I did not lose my glasses as I had thought.

48. I can pray.

49. I can laugh.

50. I can sing.

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