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Friday, April 06, 2007

Loving the Bride, vol. 22

by Octavio Ocampo

For the Blessings of Eternity

Lord Jesus,
offer to your eternal Father
all the drops of that precious blood
which flowed from your body
in the bitter agony in the garden.
Offer them in remission of my sins
and for the discharge of the punishment due them.
O Lord Jesus,
offer to the eternal Father
all the anguish and pain you endured on the cross
that I may obtain a happy death
and release from the punishment due to my sins.
O Lord Jesus,
receive me into your arms outstretched on the cross;
hide me in your wounds and
receive my soul into the bosom of your mercy.
O Lord Jesus,
by your victory over death,
show mercy to my soul and
receive it into your kingdom,
there to sing your praise for all eternity.

Copies of this poster can be found here.
This prayer is found in Prayers and Blessings for Daily Life in Christ
Frs Michael Scanlan & John Bertulolucci
(Franciscan University Press, 1990, ISBN 0-940535-00-9) .

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