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Friday, March 09, 2007

Loving the Bride, vol 18

Something old...

Love of the Bible

Lord, who can grasp all the wealth of just one of your words? What we understand in the Bible is much less than what we leave behind, like thirsty people who drink from a fountain. For your word has many shades of meaning, just as those who study it have many different points of view. You have coloured your words with many hues so that each person who studies it can see in it what he loves. You have hidden many treasures in your word so that each of us is enriched as we meditate on it.

-----St. Ephraim, 4th century

Something new...

Pope says church hierarchy was willed by God to ensure unity in faith

Something borrowed....
Fr. Pavone stirs the heart and encourages us to be pro-life risk-takers.

Amy Welborn posts about young Catholics visiting ALL the churches in the Diocese of Toledo.

Something blue...

While researching some future travel plans in England, I found this Marian pilgrimmage site honoring Our Lady of Walsingham. It was a title I never heard before, but it was a local achievement in the face of post-reformation England.

A related novena is here.

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