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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Writer's Wednesday -- Matthew Kelly

What is holiness? Holiness is an opportunity.
Every person that comes into your life, every circumstance or
event of your life, is an opportunity to be holy.
Your holiness is measured by how lovingly you respond
to God in the moments of the day.
Most of us recognize that we want to love God.
The problem is that we are inconsistent at grasping the
moments of the day one by one for God.
If we examine ourselves individually the reason we find for our
inconsistent response to God is that our lives of prayer
reflect the same inconsistency.
If we feel like praying we pray and if we don't feel like praying we don't pray.
The problem with this approach is that if we link our love of God
to our selfish feelings
then obviously there is a contradiction, love being selfless.
God calls you not only to prayer but to consistent prayer.
The more consistency you can bring to your prayer life,
the more consistent your response to God will be
in the moments of the day.
-----Matthew Kelly, Mustard Seeds

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