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Friday, March 02, 2007

Loving the Bride, vol. 17

Something old....

Everything I've said is nothing when you compare it to what I've felt within-- the joyful dance of love between God and Soul, for when God sees the Soul as pure as it was in the very beginning, God tugs at it with a glance. God draws the Soul to Himself and binds it with a burning love that on its own would destroy the immortal Soul, and this is how God transforms the Soul in Him to know nothing other than God.

Day by day God draws the Soul up into His burning love until Love has restored it to that pure state it experienced at the very first.

The Soul being drawn upwards feels itself melting in the fire of that sweet Love, for God will not stop until He's made the Soul perfect in loving kindness.

----St. Catherine of Genoa, Purgation and Purgatory (1447-1510)

Something new....

Something just for moms: a website of inspiration! Click here.

An old site that is new to me: "sacred space" --a prayerful opportunity run by Irish Jesuits.

Something borrowed....

Danielle Bean and her commentors on "Offering it up."

Amy Welborn's blog talks of a protestant who "discovers" the sign of the cross.

Something blue....

An excellent New Testament litany on Mary.

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