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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Writer's Wednesday - Edith Stein

When the bride gives her consent at the wedding.... she becomes a special organ in the Mystical Body of Christ.

The Church subsists on the life of grace streaming from Christ... it transmits to ever new members in perpetual fruitfulness. So is the woman -- as a visible symbol of the Church -- called to increase the number of God's children by imparting natural life and the life of grace. She is, in consequence, an essential organ of the fruitfulness of the Church. She is strengthened by grace for her vocation, as long as she does her utmost to remain a living member of the Church and to lead a married life in the sense of the Church.

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  • could you tell me where this quote is from, exactly? Like, page#? I am really interested in Edith Stein, but I haven't read much written by her, but instead I have read about her.

    By Anonymous Claire, at 12:47 AM  

  • I'll update this next week, and give the page number. I'm away from my library this week.

    By Blogger Pat Gohn, at 9:22 AM  

  • Thank you, I will check back again.

    By Anonymous Claire, at 11:58 PM  

  • The quote above comes from pp. 121-122 in The Collected Works of Edith Stein, Vol II, "Essays on Woman". See the link above (after the quote) to find the book online.

    By Blogger Pat Gohn, at 2:57 PM  

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