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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back from Texas!

I've been off-line for a few days, enjoying the Catholic New Media Celebration down in San Antonio. Standing on my left in the photo is my husband's delightful cousin, Irene Chard, who, together with her charming husband Randy (the photographer), hosted me and chauffeured me around for the weekend. We are pictured at the famous Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio, a few steps from the Alamo... we are en route to margeritas and a Tex-Mex supper! (And you can barely tell it was over 100 degrees out!)

For video of the talks and events that I experienced in person, go here. I'll be talking about it on the next Among Women podcast, episode 14. You can also find more pics at the Among Women Podcast Friends group on Facebook.

The Catholic New Media celebration was great day to meet with Catholic bloggers and podcaster from around the globe!

I just got back last night, thanks to hours of flight delays due to storms in the Dallas-Fort Worth area... but glad to be back in the saddle here in rainy New England, where we continue to have a very damp June!

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