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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Writer's Wednesday - Vincenzia Krymow & M. Jean Frisk

Fragaria vesca
a plant that symbolizes the fruitfulness of Mary

Sometimes medieval artists painted Mary in a robe woven with strawberry patterns. The strawberry is a fruit that has no stone [pit], no thorns and can be eaten whole. Hence it is a reminder of paradise, where the gifts were gathered in love's effortless toil. Its white blossom signified to the painter Christ's incarnation in the Spirit-filled fruitfulness of the Virgin Mary whose cooperation helps restore the lost garden.
The strawberry pattern, symbolizing abundant fruitfulness and woven into Mary's garment, also reminds us of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We do not keep them for ourselves; they are meant to be shared, poured out for the wholesomeness of the Church and all her children.
The lowly strawberry sends its runners quietly along the ground looking for places to attach itself and form a new plant. In our gardens, the strawberry takes patience and work. Its runners must be carefully transplanted to ensure new growth. It is the same with divine gifts. Mary, show us how to cultivate them and share them.
---From Mary's Flowers, by Vincenzia Krymow (with meditations by M. Jean Frisk). (2002).

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  • I love this image- What a beautiful way to represent Mary. I will def. check the book out as well. Looking forward to reading more in the future- Tara

    By Blogger Modern Catholic Mom, at 3:26 PM  

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