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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Writer's Wednesdays - Esther Burroughs

While this book is for women who may become mentors of other women, in terms of spiritual direction... it has a lot to say to us to all Church members:

In today's world, the best models for many are not their fathers and mothers, but their teachers, coaches, and other outside influences. There is a real need for the church family to choose to become involved in whta has become known as spiritual parenting. Parents in this culture, living a distance from their immediate families, need spiritual parenting. The Church has so much to share, to model, and to use in mentoring.

We are in desparate need of mature women -- I mean mature mentally and spiritually, not physically -- who are willing to show God at work in their lives. Age is not a determining factor.

I have a friend named Beth whose longtime walk with God has been tested in the fires of hurt -- a wayward daughter, a son struggling to find work, another daughter with a metally handicapped child, and a mother with Alzheimer's disease. Her strength through crises and her approachable manner have marked her a woman to call for compassionate counsel. Many women consider Beth their mentor.

Don't let age be an issue. Let life's lessons be the qualifier. Mature women will cultivate love in another woman's life because of the King's presence in her life...

Age is not nearly as important as what you have to give. Mentoring, in many ways, means using the best part of yourself to help another see and become the best they can be. Using what you know and what you have experienced, draw up alongside another woman and work side-by-side with her, teaching her and guiding her as you go!

---Esther Burroughs, A Garden Path to Mentoring. (1997)

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