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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Writer's Wednesday -- St. Clare of Assisi

Look upon Him Who became contemptible for you,
and follow Him, making yourself contemptible in this world for Him.

Your spouse, though more beautiful than the children of men (Psalms 44:3),
became for your salvation, the lowest of men, was despised, struck, scourged untold times
throughout his entire body, and then died amid the suffering of the Cross.

O most noble Queen,
gaze upon Him,
consider Him,
contemplate Him,
as you desire to imitate Him.

If you suffer with Him, you will reign with Him.
If you week with Him, you shall rejoice with Him;
if you die with Him on the cross of tribulation,
you shall possess heavenly mansions in the splendor of the saints
and, in the Book of Life, your name shall be called
glorious among men.

--St. Clare, Second Letter to Agnes of Prague, circa 1234 AD.

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