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Sunday, October 16, 2005

A-blogging we will go...

I want to bid a warm welcome to those of you who have found this blog via an email notice or another source, and you actually took the time to find my corner of cyberspace. This is a new adventure and I'm glad you can be part of it. Feel free to read through and send your comments along. Kind, thoughtful criticism will be welcome by this neophyte blogger.

I am hoping to post with some regularity. Really, this is just another avenue for me to keep flexing the writing muscle. It's also a good way to catalog some of my recent work... look for the Hearticles link in the sidebar.

You might even find a blog like this to be "conversational," and I would welcome that too. Especially as we might exchange thoughts and ideas pertaining to living out our Catholic faith and identity in everyday life. That's kind of the hallmark of what I like most to write about.

A few people I know (including my husband) have never even visited a blog before! (He and I are the tail-end of the boomer generation, so we are used to catching the backs of the waves, or missing the wave altogether.) But, maybe we can all learn something new, and before you know it, you could be out there with your own blog! So far, I've only barely conquered Blogging 101, but I'm ready for more! There are fancier blogs out there to be sure, but this one is free to use and as this is my first foray a-blogging, I'm way too cheap to pay for the bells and whistles. (Maybe if I get a book deal someday...)

So, look around, click on the links, send me your feedback, and then check back once in a while.

Step inside, and be my guest.

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